The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

You know when they say something is breathtaking, and while it could be beautiful, it doesn’t literally take your breath away? Well, I’m here to tell you, the Grand Canyon is breathtaking! Nathan and I upon walking up to the edge of the canyon, stopped in our tracks and were completely speechless (which is a rarity for Nathan). I just couldn’t fathom how it never felt like we gained any elevation, but yet we were looking down into this 1 mile deep canyon. The colors and stratigraphy are exactly what you have seen in 2D, but also completely different than anything you’ve ever seen in a book.

  Leading up to our drive to the Grand Canyon South Rim, the kids had no idea where we were headed. As a little side, we love surprising A and H with roadtrips. Often, they have no idea where we are going until we get there. Anyways, as we pull into the parking lot and I’m getting my contacts in and makeup on (if you’ve been following my other posts, you know the kids and I struggle with mornings), the kids are excited to get out of the car because they want to play with, wait for it….a chipmunk. We drove 4.5 hours and paid $40 to get into this national park, and the first thing they want to do is to play with this never-been-seen-before-incredibly-rare CHIPMUNK. Well once the chipmunk ran away and could not be enticed by the kid’s food from the floor of our car (I’m not going to lie. It was totally me that wanted to play with this chipmunk), we walked up to the edge. Just as Nathan and myself were, the kids could not believe their eyes. They were blown away with how deep it was and began explaining the way in which it was formed. We took a bazillion photos, many of which perfectly capture H being upset that we wouldn’t let him go “to that spot” (you know the spot. The one where no one lives to tell about it). We also really loved the little information center and A and H even picked up on some geology that we were learning prior to visiting.

  After we had explored for several hours, we went to check out the gift shop. This area is very modern and beautifully done. We especially liked all the different stone statues outside. We had such a memorable day, that we told the kids they were allowed to pick out a small souvenir from the gift shop. H picked a really cute hare and A, a girl after my own heart, picked a bald eagle. I asked (no, I begged), Nathan to let me get a huge bald eagle stuffie. He knows it is my favorite bird, if not animal, and yet I had to be carried out of the store kicking and screaming. I will forever remember this day. As the day I didn’t get my bald eagle.

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  1. This is so cute! I love that you are on a mission to help people who cannot afford to travel very much or who need to travel frugally:)! Great post! I would love to see the grand canyon one day!

    • Thank you so much!! We totally understand that travel isn’t always attainable for many families, because we are in the same boat. You MUST go to the Grand Canyon one day. It is amazing!

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