St. Patrick’s Day Multiplication

St. Patrick’s Day Multiplication

Multiplication is one of those things where if you know it well, it makes your life so much easier. Some children have a harder time grasping the concept because often all that is taught, is mere memorization. I try to have my own children learn concepts organically and in a logical way that makes sense to their developing brains. Hands on games and “seeing” the mathematical process is what I strive for when teaching. This is why I love simple little visuals as in this St. Patrick’s Day themed game that I made for my kids!


Cupcake wrappers or muffin tin

Pencil and paper

Gold coins (or any identical objects)

Multiplication problems


  1. Teach the concept of multiplication by explaining “groups” and “how many”. The cupcake holders are our “groups”, and the coins are our “how many”.
  2. Work through the first few problems alongside your child. Explain how we are essentially just adding the same number over and over, but multiplication is a faster way to do it.
  3. For the problem 4 x 2, have your child set out 4 cupcake wrappers. Now have them place 2 coins into each wrapper.
  4. Add up the total amount of coins, and you have your answer!

Many children naturally learn multiplication by adding the number several times inside their heads. Unfortunately, this natural learning is sometimes bulldozed by the pressure to just memorize multiplication facts. If your child is struggling with memorization, take a step back and try this out!

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