Days in: Billings, MT

We stayed here in September 2019 and the price was one of the cheapest we’ve seen. The hotel was starting to renovate, and we got one of the new rooms. It was clean and well kept, but you could feel the age of the hotel. Breakfast was simple and what we would expect from a… Continue reading Days in: Billings, MT

Our Favorite Curriculum

The most exciting and overwhelming part of homeschooling is choosing a curriculum to follow. There are so many different ones out there currently, that it makes it incredibly hard to know which ones will work for your family. It also takes some time to decide if you will even use any curriculum at all, and… Continue reading Our Favorite Curriculum

Where to Begin

Homeschooling in itself can be completely overwhelming, but throw in learning on the road and you’ve got yourself a pretty big task in front of you. I want to say it is easier said than done, but it really is a lot of work. The best part though, is that it isn’t the kind of… Continue reading Where to Begin

The Road to Roadschool

We first began roadschooling with a purpose a little over 2 years ago. We continually drive year after year between Alberta and Nevada so it made sense that roadschooling was our next step. The amount of knowledge that the kids obtained through visiting actual places was astonishing. I even found myself retaining more information than… Continue reading The Road to Roadschool

About Us

Welcome! We are a Canadian homeschooling family of 4 who roadschool around Canada and the US. I’m Whitney, and I guess you could say I am the brains behind this operation. Homeschooling has become a huge passion of mine, so much so that I would love to share with the world how amazing it can… Continue reading About Us