About us

family pumpkin patch

We are a Canadian homeschooling family of 4 living between Canada and the US. I’m Whitney, and I like to think I am the brains behind this operation. Homeschooling has become such a huge passion of mine that I want to share our experiences for all to see. My husband, Nathan gets to come along for the ride (when we let him) and he, over the years has become a self-proclaimed advocate of homeschooling. Our 2 children, A and H, are 11 and 8 respectively. They are the greatest kids (what mom wouldn’t say that?) who have an incredible desire to seek adventure whenever possible. They have the ability to turn any situation into one filled with a passion for learning and a lot of laughter (like the time Nathan got a speeding ticket…we will revisit this later). And last, but certainly not least, we have 2 amazing wiener dogs. Samson and Miles are probably the naughtiest dogs you’ll ever meet, but they are also the sweetest. Their cuteness always seems to get them out of trouble, because honestly, how can you resist these faces??